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Carpet Cleaning in Northallerton:

Our carpet cleaning in Northallerton uses the steam extraction method, which is highly effective for cleaning domestic and commercial carpets whilst leaving them dry within hours. Pre-vacuumed carpets are then sprayed with a micro splitting pre-spray solution, which is biodegradable. This is used to loosen dirt before cleaning.

The extraction machine then sprays the pre-heated cleaning solution onto the carpet under pressure. This powers off any dirt and grit, which has been embedded into the carpet fibres. This mixture of hot water cleaning solution, dirt, grit and other nasties is then vacuumed up using the powerfull twin vacuums of the machine. Any germs and bacteria are killed off due to the solution temperature (up to 120oC).

All our cleaning solutions are safe to children and pets and are evironmentally friendly*. All carpets vary due to carpet pile soiling etc. but are usually dry within a few hours.

* Containing only natural ingredients and are woolsafe approved

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Our Prices:

– Single Carpets from £30
– 3 Bed Flat/House from £75

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