Case Studies

We’ve put together a selection of case studies from recent work carried out around the North East and County Durham.
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Red Wine Stain Removal:
Spilt Red Wine must be dealt with quickly otherwise there is a high possibility of it permanently staining.

STEP 1: Firstly blot the wine with Kitchen Roll using a downward action (rubbing the stain side to side will damage the carpet pile). Other absorbent material can be used, such as towels, providing they are colour fast. You will have to use a fair amount of Kitchen Roll to remove as much as possible.
STEP 2: Pour some water onto the stained area shown here from a glass, but from a sprayer would be better. Dampen the stain but not too much to avoid penetrate the carpet backing. Blot this are with Kitchen Roll trying to get as dry as possible without being aggressive to the carpet pile.
STEP 3: If the carpet still appears to be stained, apply some carpet spot cleaner preferably by sprayer. Here I applied some of our water-based spotter, but any household brand will do as long as it’s bleach free.
STEP 4: Again, blot the area with Kitchen Roll, using a downward action checking to make sure no more wine stain is coming onto the Kitchen Roll. For this demo the stain has been removed. It is shown damp, but once dry it was ok.