Dry Steam Mattress Cleaning:

Our mattresses are an ideal place for dust mites to live so over time they can end up with large quantities of dust mites living in them. This can have a detrimental effect on our health especially to asthma sufferers, and even disturb our sleep.

Regular vacuuming certainly helps, but our professional service totally cleans and sanitises the mattress. First the mattress is thoroughly vacuumed(using a hepa-filtration vac) then we use our dry steamer (dry steam is less than 10% water and superheated) to apply steam deep within the mattress. This leaves the mattress hygienically clean and moisture free within an hour.

This dry steam process is widely used within the health industry.

Mattress Cleaning (Extraction Cleaning):

We often clean mattresses which have been affected with urine contamination amongst other things. This is not a problem but must be cleaned with an extraction machine and a deodoriser or urine neutraliser treatment. The mattress is firstly dry extraction cleaned(vac). Then an appropriate treatment is sprayed onto the effected areas.It is then thoroughly extraction cleaned with our neutral ph fabric rinse solution.

The mattress will require some drying time, ideally overnight as odour neutralisation will only occur if the area of contamination is reached by the deodoriser. Because of the nature of the mattress fabric all stains may not be removed but we do offer an odour free guarantee.


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