Upholstery Cleaning in Darlington:

From an office chair or a full 3-piece suite to fixed upholstery in a pub.

We clean upholstery using the same equipment as for carpet cleaning. Our extraction machines spray on a mixture of hot water and cleaning solution/fabric rinse onto the fabric and then extract this a fraction of a second later along with any dirt, grease and other nasty’s held in the fabric fibres. Due to the power of these machines we use, drying times are cut to the minimum and cleaning results are impressive especially to those items, which were thought not to be very dirty.

Our cleaning system works safely and efficiently on nearly all fabrics including those marked ‘dry clean only’ items. Should you have any doubts or queries give us a ring and we can call to view, if we are in your area.

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Our Prices:

– Fabric Suite & 2 Chairs – £60
– Single Chair from £25
– Leather 3 Piece Suite from £60


Upholstery Cleaning Darlington

Mattress Cleaning in Darlington:

We clean mattresses using a high power dry steam cleaner which will effectively deep clean and kill germs, remove dust mites and more without using harsh chemicals.

Once this process is completed we use a spray, which contains only natural ingredients to keep dust mites at bay for up to six months. This method is used to ensure the mattress is immediately dry. Once cleaned your mattress will be hygienically clean and smelling fresh; and by using the steam process will be dry within one hour! Prices for mattress cleaning start from only £20 for one and less for multiples.

Ring now for our latest special offers… Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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